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Eganix, Inc offers a full line of operational cleaning supplies

From general surface cleaners and food safe sanitizers to dish washing products. We have our own lab dedicated to making customized blends specific for your facility’s needs.

Every kitchen has grease but all grease isn’t the same. Palm Oil and duck fat are completely different and when looking for cleaners to combat these issues, it can be frustrating and costly. Stop ordering a case of this and a case of that hoping to find the right product.

Do you know what your actual cost is? Most business owners and facilities management buy cleaning products based on performance and cost per gallon. However, your true cost should be evaluated on performance AND the cost per finished gallon or ounce. Eganix, Inc. offers a calibration and evaluation service to determine your company’s true chemical costs. You might be surprised to discover the savings we can offer you. Our top savings for a fortune 500 company was 47% just in cleaning products. Not only were we able to offer this huge savings, but delivered superior products and results.

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