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Stop negative reviews on social media, comping meals and drinks and embarrassment in your community.

Let Eganix, Inc. protect the health of your patrons and establishment.

Eganix, Inc. is mostly known for our unmatched Fruit Fly control. Take a look at our satisfied customer page. Fruit flies and other pest can originate from the build up in sewer systems. Eganix, Inc. offers a patented and proprietary process that make feeding and breeding in these areas extremely difficult for all pests. For over two decades Eganix, Inc. has solved countless fruit fly infestations that competitors have struggled with for years. We achieve the level of control business owners dream of because we manufacture our own products that aren’t available to the competition. Eganix, Inc. is so confident that we’ll solve your problems that we don’t require a contract. If you’re not blown away by the results then fire us! Eganix, Inc. offers a complete pest control program not just fruit flies.

Don’t let pests annoy your customers and drag your dream down. Instead, let Eganix, Inc. provide solutions that last.

Anywhere there’s food, pests aren’t far behind. Fruit flies, mice, cockroaches and other pests can put your entire operation at risk. Whether it’s a restaurant, a hotel, or a food manufacturing plant, you can’t afford that kind of problem. However, a majority of pest control solutions use harsh, dangerous chemicals that don’t belong in any kitchen. Worse, they aren’t always as effective as you need them to be. Eganix, Inc. is the solution.

Our two decades of experience in commercial kitchens have given us the time to understand the unique issues that crop up during commercial food production. In fact, pests can be one of the most stubborn, damaging forces when it comes to restaurants, hotels, and large venues like stadiums. Fruit flies can be particularly troubling because they get everywhere and can be really difficult to truly eliminate. Just when you think they’re gone, you’ll see another one! Having experienced this annoyance first-hand, we’re excited to offer fruit fly control systems that are affordable, effective, and seamlessly integrated into any operation.

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