The Best Waste Water Management Services

In our two decades of hard work in wastewater, we’ve earned a place in the Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA).

We’re all about making it easier to harness the power of mechanics, chemistry and bioaugmentation to lower water processing costs. While our systems have made a huge difference for business owners, they’re also designed to change the game for municipal water collection systems and treatment plants.

Eganix, Inc. turns your collection system into a pre-treatment facility for the receiving plant. Our mechanics and state of the art aeration systems can eliminate the need to pump F.O.G. from your lift stations. Our proprietary chemistry blends can help reduce odors and H2S (hydrogen sulfide). Eganix, Inc. patented blends of bacteria (enzyme free) can reduce jetting of problematic sewers from monthly to once yearly.

Take a look at our satisfied customers page and feel free to call them. It’s better to talk with a city representative who uses our products and services than one of our sales crew!

We’re more than just your allies against grease and other wastewater contaminants, we’re here to help equip you to serve your community with excellence. We want to learn more about your city’s unique needs and give you the ability to grow in areas you’ve never dreamed possible. Learn more when you contact us today.

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Using microbiology to enhance bioaugmentation for all types of waste stream issues, we can:

  • Convert FOG and BOD into H2O and CO2
  • Eliminate Pumping of lift stations Guaranteed
  • Implement AOP (advanced oxidation process) and DO (dissolved oxygen) to reduce H2S in forced mains, fallouts and wet wells
  • Reduce/eliminate F.O.G. coming from food manufacturing facilities
  • Provide solutions tailored to our customer’s specific needs (TSS, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, etc.)
  • Significantly reduce solids on the front end of waste water treatment plants
  • Control Odors of all kinds
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