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A unique microbial blend of primarily anaerobic facultative bacteria designed to break down all organics and reduce H2S in the collections system, lagoons and waste water recovery facilities. This product is a liquid and you MUST charge it with our activator powder before dosing. There is a 4 week start up with increased dosing then you can dial down for a maintenance dose. Contact Eganix for custom dosing prescription based on your specific needs.

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Pipe Dreams HF

A proprietary blend of nutrients and microorganisms specifically designed to breakdown FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease), BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and TSS (Total Suspended Solids) in wastewater. This is a tabletized product that breaks down over an average of thirty (30) days and needs to be replaced.

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Liquid Hot Magma

A bio-stimulant nutrient matrix. This product will enhance all microbial performance in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions making your products perform at optimal levels.

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Krebby Patties

This proprietary two-tabletized product fights odors and H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) in collection systems and treatment plants. The red tablet attacks and reduces all organics upstream and the yellow tablet releases nutrients for the SRB (Sulfur Reducing Bacteria). The goal is to fight H2S by changing the total environment in your system.

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Quarter Sticks

This elongated tablet (stick) is designed for commercial kitchens to fight FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). The sticks are placed directly into the p-traps of floor sinks, prep sinks, mop basins and other FOG sources. Quarter Sticks breakdown over 30 days and need to be replaced.

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Sure Shot

We developed this product to fit the most microbes in a powder formulation. Eganix provides either bulk powder or water soluble packs. There are over twenty (20) Sure Shot formulations designed to jump start and feed a constant supply of the correct biology to your system. Contact your Eganix representative to see which is best for your application. FOG, BOD, TSS, Phosphorus and Nitrogen reduction, foaming issues, solid reduction, Nitrifiers, etc.

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A versatile product originally created to reduce slickness from food service establishments floors. Eganix customers use this product to clean a multitude of surfaces, treat drain lines, lift stations and grease traps to fight FOG and BOD along with odors.

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Witness the Citrus

Another versatile product used for cleaning floors of all types as well as deodorize. DPW uses this product to clean vactor truck components, asphalt tools and keep grease cakes off the top of lift stations. The product floats on top of water so it doesn’t wash away in pumping stations. Restaurants also use this product in general cleaning and deodorizing.

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KOh Foaming Degreaser

This is the best degreaser you’ll ever use. Ask your Eganix representative for a demo. This product melts grease off surfaces with ease and doesn’t have any of the negative side effects of other cleaners used for the same purpose.

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Piranha Pot and Pan

This gentle, neutral pH product cleans floors, pots, pans, dishes and can even be used as a hand soap refill.

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Greasinator Label.jpg


Our most heavy duty floor and hood vent cleaner designed specifically for food production facilities. Hasta la vista grease!

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Venus Fly Trap

A proprietary organic non toxic blend designed to lure small flies. Simply place the ready to use jar in areas of activity and watch the carnage ensue.

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Remington Peel Label.jpg

Remington Peel

A ready to use aerosol product. Imagine Witness the Citrus in a foaming spray can!

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Remington Steel

The best stainless steel polish on the market. This oil based product leaves your appliances looking brand new and fights finger prints better than any other.

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