If you’ve done any work in commercial food production, you know that grease is a constant challenge. It coats many surfaces and despite grease traps, can get into your wastewater and drive your operational and municipal bills up. Stadiums, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and any other operation cooking food needs a formidable grease control system, and Eganix, Inc. is proud to offer the ultimate solution.

Installing a grease trap isn’t enough. At Eganix, Inc., we make systems that address the grease that slips past interceptors . By harnessing the power of microorganisms, we make it possible to reduce and even eliminate grease waste from your water. Our turnkey systems employ a potent cocktail of natural microorganisms to break down pollutants of all kinds. Even better, our systems also make it easier to keep your kitchens looking clean, smelling great, and operating at peak performance.

Eganix, Inc. is here to give you the systems you need to keep your business healthy and safe. We’re proud to be allies of businesses all around the area, and there’s nothing we love more than saving our clients thousands of dollars in surcharges, needless plumbing bills and damages. Learn more about how we can make a huge difference for your business!