The Best Waste Water Management Services

Whether it’s a hotel, a casino, a theater, or a stadium, keeping your property fresh and free of pests can rack up some pretty high bills.

Eganix, Inc. is here to do the heavy lifting by installing grease and pest solutions to your kitchens or concession counters. We’ve worked in the industry for more than 20 years, and we’re really good at what we do.

If your facility serves and feeds a lot of people, keeping it at its best is a unique challenge. The good news is, you aren’t in it alone. As allies of commercial operations across the region, we work hard to customize each of our solutions to make it possible for you and your staff to thrive. Our bioaugmentation systems are known for their affordability and efficiency. They can even save you thousands of dollars in municipal surcharges and operational cost savings. Our green pest control systems can also be customized to suit your unique needs, and we’re especially effective when it comes to pesky fruit flies. Lastly let Eganix, Inc. maintain your ice machines and beer lines while offering state of the art cleaning chemicals that out perform the competition and cost less.

You’re in the business of creating good experiences that keep people coming back. Let us give you a strong, clean foundation

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