The Best Waste Water Management Services

Whether you run a large-scale food manufacturing operation or startup, the state of your facility defines the quality of your product (and therefore your success).

A greasy, smelly, clogged environment is miserable to use and cannot produce excellent food. In fact, a neglected facility can completely undermine your business. Eganix, Inc. is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Proud members of the Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA), we empower businesses to save money while keeping pests, grease, and operational costs under control. We’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, and we genuinely enjoy customizing our turnkey solutions for operations of all sizes. Whether you’re in charge of a stadium or a coffee shop, we can change the game for you. We’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars in municipal water fees, effectively banished troublesome pests like fruit flies, effectively demolished grease problems of many sizes and reduced cleaning chemical costs by over 47% for global customers.

Eganix, Inc. was founded to make life easier for hardworking food manufacturers like yourself by putting microorganisms to work and making our other solutions effortless to implement, we can transform your budget and help your business achieve the next level.

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