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Your commercial kitchen creates unforgettable flavors your customers can’t resist

However, whether you’re a cozy diner, an upscale cafe, or a huge hotel kitchen, your chefs and their staff need to work in a clean, safe environment. Otherwise, the food that goes through the doors will probably come right back. At Eganix, Inc., we’re on a mission to keep your kitchen grease and pest free so your staff can push the limits of excellence and keep diners coming back for more. We do this by providing cutting-edge bioaugmentation systems and green pest control strategies.

Our 20+ years in the industry have given us the skills to scale our solutions to fit restaurants and commercial kitchens of all sizes. At the end of the day, we want to set you up for empowered autonomy, which is why we put so much work into creating turnkey systems that easily handle waste water, grease, ice machine maintenance, cleaning chemicals and pests — especially fruit flies! However, even more than empowering your kitchen’s hygiene and comfort, we want to save your entire operation thousands of dollars. Our bioaugmentation systems are lean, mean organic processing machines designed to free you from municipal surcharges and inflated operational costs.

No matter what kind of commercial kitchen you have, giving it a clean, pest-free foundation simply isn’t optional. Our discreet, affordable turn-key systems save your precious dollars that can be put toward expanding your menu or buying new equipment. Learn more today!

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Eganix offers turn-key solutions for restaurants, our premium service package includes:

  • Eliminate fruit flies and other pests
  • Reduce or eliminate plumbing back ups
  • Dramatically reduce grease trap pumping
  • Control foul odors associated with drains
  • Provide unmatched cleaning products at reduced rates
  • Provide quarterly Ice Machine cleaning and Maintenance
  • Provide regular Beer Line cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduce or eliminate Jetting and Snaking
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